A Parenting Connection’s counseling practice, classes and this website have all sprouted from Nancy Goodman’s fascination with and passion for helping people find freedom and peace.  So many of us run on old, limiting beliefs and erroneous perceptions about ourselves and our world. Those beliefs and misperceptions can cause us great pain and yet seem impossible to overcome on our own. We try to rationalize our way out of our predicaments, telling ourselves we shouldn’t feel how we feel or we should be able to do better in our lives. So we force ourselves to be better and think better, often to find only short-lived success followed by bouts of exhaustion and defeat.

Nancy believes that the marriage of psychology and spirituality creates the strongest fabric for our healing and growth. Change based solely in psychology is like a tapestry with only horizontal threads. It can lead to a “well-adjusted” person who still feels empty or alone or lacks meaning in his/her life. Change based solely in spirituality, like a tapestry with only vertical threads, can lead to a person with sound ideals and principles, but without the resilience to handle life on life’s terms.

Together, psychological and spiritual healing allow us to experience groundedness, clarity, peace, joy, compassion and right-action.

Here are some of Nancy’s specialties:

dreamstime.smPrenatal and postpartum life stages. Whether the issue is depression, anxiety, infant loss, birth trauma, or difficulty adjusting to a new identity, she works with women and their partners and support systems to help them heal and right themselves on their mothering path.


parentingParenting issues. Nancy helps couples find common ground with their parenting styles. She teaches parents ways to attune with their children which helps to avert conflict and create a more harmonious home. She works with parents whose children have special needs when those needs cause excess stress for the family. She also helps parents to break the generational patterns of negative parenting when they want to learn more balanced and effective ways of responding to their children.

Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, from chronic childhood wounds to abuse to one-time experiences that shatter our sense of well-being or safety. Using EMDR, Nancy helps people heal memories that seem to hijack their emotions and perceptions in their day-to-day lives.

Relationship Challenges. One of the favorite parts of her work is watching people grow compassion for themselves and the people in their lives through awareness practices and an understanding of the Enneagram which helps illuminate motivations that underlie many of our behaviors and gives us keys to ways we can free ourselves from habitual reactions that are no longer serving us or our relationships.

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