What is “Nine Kinds of Kids” about?


enneagram4 You and your kids can begin to understand what truly motivates them (and you) and has since the moment they (and you) were born by going to this page.

enneagram4 You’ll get new ideas about how you can support and interact with your kids based on who they are and how they see the world here.

enneagram4I want you to tell me stories and ask me questions here so we can both understand, with more and more clarity, what it’s like for kids of each personality style.

enneagram4 I will muse about Enneagram-related experiences, revelations and questions that come to me as I go through my days in hopes that I may entertain you or get you thinking in new ways.  You’ll see all of that on the Blog Post page.

If you want to know, why the is the Enneagram so important, visit the page that compares the Enneagram to a map here.

If you visit the Enneagram Styles page, you’ll get some general information about all nine types: their fears, their desires, their motivations, their blind spots, their gifts to the world and ways they can loosen up their patterns of reactivity.  There is also a link there (and here) that takes you to a site where you can take a free test or a longer test for a small cost that can help in the process of discovering your type.

If you go to the Ennea-kids page, you will find information on what different children need from their world to feel safe or loved, valued or free.  There are also ideas there that might help them broaden their perspectives and try new ways of seeing things.

There is a page for you to write in about your experiences as parents.  This is more than just a comments page because this page will guarantee you a response, a well-thought-out response and maybe guidance if that’s helpful.  Please post questions and/or stories about your children and your interactions with them.

I will post surveys and questions that I have for you and if you feel inclined to respond to those, I would be very grateful.

If all of this is interesting to you, please be sure to “Follow this blog” by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of this page so you can get up-to-date blog posts and stay on top of any other activity here.

I can’t wait to see Nine Kinds of Kids take on a life of its own.  I wonder what Enneagram type it will be…

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