A to Z Theme Reveal


There’s this challenge going on in the blogosphere where people will post a topic every day that corresponds to the letters of the alphabet.  All April long, except Sundays.

In honor of my new blog/website about the Enneagram and kids and parenting, I’m taking on this challenge.

At the beginning of every endeavor with me, it’s always worthwhile for everyone to cross fingers in the hopes that I won’t let some other new and exciting idea sidetrack me from the one that is truly important.

This seems like a good time to really harness that universal fear of criticism and use it to my advantage, because if people are watching, there’s a better chance I’ll stick with it.

I hope that the mere image of you out there will pull me through those middle letters.

Today, March 21st, is the day when all us A-to-Z people will declare what our theme for April will be.

My original idea was to write about one aspect of this multi-faceted, complex and fascinating system of personalities called the Enneagram, for each letter.  Like B for Behaviors, D for Desires, etc.

Problem is, after twisting things like Defense Mechanisms into Mechanisms of Defense and Growing Edge into Edge of Growth, I still had more topics than I needed for D and F but nothing for J or K, not to mention X, Y and Z.

So when there isn’t a viable topic about the Enneagram that fits the letter of the day, I will play the Enneagram Game.  I’ve been entertaining myself with this game for years.  I play it in my head sometimes when I run, and while I do things like clean out the overdue guinea pig cage, or sit in traffic.

Here’s how the game works.  First I pick a word that fits the letter.  Example:  ‘History’ for H.

Then I think of a question, using that word, and aim it toward the different personality types.  For example, How do the different types feel about history?  Or, what role does history play in the different types’ lives?

Then, and here’s the fun part, I make up what each Enneagram type would say in response to my question. ***

Since this game will be public, as opposed to just my little private game, you could play too.  In the comments section, you could post a different response from your own type–in other words, correct me.  I truly love hearing what the world looks like from all the different points of view.

So, if you’d like to learn more about the Enneagram in daily snippets, you can ‘follow’ my blog (upper right corner.)  Starting April 1, you’ll get to go a little deeper into the intricate parts of the Enneagram, hopefully making the whole thing more meaningful and useable.  If you have no idea what an Enneagram is, you can visit the other pages of my website which is under construction.  Until my site is finished, you’ll find links to other people’s sites where you can discover your own type and learn more.

Like with all blogs, I would love to hear back from you, because that will turn you from being a hypothetical person to a virtual one, sort of like the Velveteen Rabbit.

***(This game is NOT based on scientific research or even unscientific polling.  I KNOW that individuals within each type will have different takes on these questions.  Please, please, please don’t take these games seriously.  There may be a kernel of truth to some of my responses, but for the most part, they are just for play.)

10 thoughts on “A to Z Theme Reveal

  1. This sounds like great fun … I will be sure to follow it! I did the enneagram for two years of my A-Z posts. The first year, I simply wrote about the 27 different subtypes, and yes, I needed to invent some of my own names for the subtypes. For the second year, I had fun with movie stars and subtype matching. There is so much to say about the enneagram. I could devote a blog to it, if I wanted to spend that much time and effort on blogging, which I don’t.

    Like you, I also thought of doing another A-Z enneagram series this year on how each type or possibly subtype would react to a given cue, such as “wake up calls … different cue each day, exactly like what you’re planning to do.

    So yay, I don’t have to do it myself!!!


    • Thanks for your encouragement! I am inspired by your completely A to Z for 2 years as I can never tell if I’ll follow thru on projects that I get excited about to start. Other people’s ability to do that helps me. What will you do this year?


      • Hi, you asked what I’m doing this year. I’m doing flight terminology. Hubby and I own two airplanes and are avid flyers. This is actually my fourth A-Z year. I also used where I live (the Palouse region of SE WA) as a theme one year.

        I would second what the person above said about participating in the A-Z. When I did Enneagram subtype matching, that theme took over a hundred hours’ work to put it together, not counting the time spent visiting other people’s blogs and commenting on them. I was willing to spend that much time, because I created a resource for myself and for my blog. Those posts, and the original subtype posts that I had done a couple years’ before, continue to be discovered almost every day. I can tell by my stats when someone’s discovered them. Instead of reading one or two posts, they read 27 or more of them.


  2. Nancy,

    Oh! Cool idea! I love it as a writer and as an unschooling mom (where paying attention to who and how my kids are in the world and within themselves is a huge piece of the picture).

    I followed you, and will be looking forward to seeing how you do this.

    I’m another third-year participant. No theme the first year; but last year I offered flash fiction I used as a basis for NaNoWriMo later in the year.

    That worked out so well that I’ve decided to offer flash stories again this year. I’ve been playing with this idea for a year; in April, I get to explore it more deeply, and get some early reaction on it, at the same time.

    For me, the secret of completing the challenge is feeling that what I’m doing is a treat, a gift to myself. And, since I, like you have lots of ideas, it’s added incentive if it will move me closer to a future project.

    May you find more to say than you have the space to say it in! See you in April! =D


  3. Nance,
    I’m always interested in what you have to say. I don’t comment much online and am not a writer but am glad you’re asking for feedback. As with any challenge, we need constant reinforcement to continue on! You’re awesome, keep on trudging!


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