Prepare for the Challenge

Tomorrow, on April 1st, I will start posting once a day through the end of the month.  The posts will start with A and end, 26 posts later, with Z.  (We get Sundays off.)

The posts will be all about the Enneagram.  There will be related topics like Habits (getting stuck in reactions,) Passions (think seven deadly sins plus two) and Yearnings (what we all really and truly desire in life.)

A few times, I’ll play the Enneagram Game, which is where I take a random slice of life and imagine how each type might think about it.

For the letter ‘T’, (for Tunes,) I picked 2 songs for each type and am eager to hear what you would pick for your own type or songs that remind you of other people’s types.

My favorite post of all is the letter ‘X’ so hang in there for that.

Many of the posts will make more sense if you already know a little bit about the Enneagram.  All of the posts will be more entertaining and/or interesting if you know your type or are getting close to figuring it out.  So…

…if you are curious to know which type you are or to find out what’s so special about the Enneagram, check out either of these pages on the site.

Looking forward to seeing what happens during this romp through the 26 letters.  Thanks to all of you for reading and even more thanks for comments and conversation!


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