F is for Fear

FI didn’t want to write a post about fear because it didn’t sound like fun, especially since I just wrote about Ego. Fear fuels Ego, so yuck. Two days of that?

However, I know that fear is a very important aspect of all our personalities.  It’s important for us to know what we’re running from, what we’re trying to avoid when we react rather than respond to our lives.

So here it is.  I’ll make this short.

Our basic fears:

Ones: Of being corrupt, evil or defective

Twos: Of being unwanted or unworthy of being loved

Threes: Of being worthless

Fours: Of having no identity or personal significance

(See how fun this is?)

Fives: Of being useless, incapable or helpless

Sixes: Of being without support or guidance

Sevens: Of being in pain or deprived (or of having to write a blog post about fears)

Eights: Of being harmed or controlled by others

Nines: Of loss or separation

Now, let’s all take a moment to send kind thoughts out to each and every one of us on the planet. We all suffer from some pretty awful fears. Luckily, they are just fears. They aren’t our realities, they are just what we fear might happen if we don’t work our ever-lovin’ asses off to avoid them.

The truth is, we don’t have to work as hard as we think we do, because:

Ones aren’t bad people.

Twos were born loveable, just like

Threes were born valuable.

Fours are inherently significant just as they are.

Fives have everything they need to experience life as it comes.

Sixes also have everything they need and are just as supported as everyone else in the world.

Sevens can tolerate pain and it always passes.

Eights can find great strength in vulnerability, and

Nines haven’t lost anything because harmony always returns.


We can all, with lots of practice, learn to separate from our fears so we can experience true integrity, love, value, meaning, wisdom, security, fulfillment, strength and peace.


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