T is for Toil, Tinker or Tackle (Enneagram Game)

TI’m taking a break from all that deep thinking for two days in a row. Phew.

Today’s is another Enneagram Game. In case you missed the rules on the ‘J’ day, here they are again:

The Enneagram game originated in my own mind. Its object was solely for me to entertain myself by coming up with what I think each personality type might say or do in response to some situation or question.

Now that I’m making the game public, I have given a little more thought to each type’s possible reaction which has made it even more interesting. What will push this over the edge into pure joy would be for you to write back and tell me how your Enneagram style reacts to the question or topic.  In other words, correct me, enlighten me.

**Please know that I am very aware that we are all unique individuals. Much more than our personality style goes into how we react to the world at any given moment. There’s no way I could play this game without stereotyping, so know that this is just for fun, not for serious. If there is a kernel of truth in some of these, that will be a bonus. Mostly, I hope you allow this to get your mind going and write back with another reaction that your type might have.**

Here we go:

Me: Tell me, Mr. or Ms. (Personality Type), if you had a Task in front of you, which word would best describe how you would approach it? Would you be more likely to Toil, Tinker or Tackle?

One: Toil

Two: Tackle

Three: Tackle

Four: Tinker (or Toil?   Not sure about Fours on this one.)

Five: Tinker

Six: Toil

Seven: Tinker

Eight: Tackle

Nine: Tinker

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