U is for Uh-oh and Umbrellas (Enneagram Game)

UI wrote a post for the letter ‘U’ about the Unconscious. Then I realized, as I went to revise it and get it ready to shove out into the world, that I meant Subconscious, not Unconscious. (Shouldn’t therapists know the difference between these things?)

My post was about bringing the hidden motivating material in our below-ground minds to our above-ground minds, from unaware to aware, so we could have more say in our responses to life.



The Subconscious is situated, metaphorically, downstairs from the Conscious, so it’s not all that hard to bring things up from there, though it’s not a pretty place.  It’s down in the unfinished cellar where guests don’t go and cobwebs don’t get feather-dusted out, but it is a place of great power.  Down there, we store stuff like the real reasons we do things, feelings we don’t want to deal with, perspectives we are ashamed to have, beliefs about ourselves we find intolerable, etc.

I heard Russ Hudson, an Enneagram teacher, say something about the Subconscious being the part of us that we know nothing about but that runs our whole show.




The Unconscious, on the other hand, is more like a long-term storage facility for permanent structures like instincts, biological drives and our earliest memories. Not much is going to change there even if we did bring it into the light of day.




Based on all that, it seems it would behoove us to learn more about that Subconscious, yes?

But ‘U’ isn’t for Subconscious.

‘U’ is now for Umbrella, and we’re playing another Enneagram game.

In case you haven’t seen this game before, here are the rules:

The Enneagram game originated in my own mind. Its object was solely for me to entertain myself by coming up with what I think each personality type might say or do in response to some situation or question.

Now that I’m making the game public, I have given a little more thought to each type’s possible reaction which has made it even more interesting. What will push this over the edge into pure joy would be for you to write back and tell me how your Enneagram style reacts to the question or topic.  In other words, correct me, enlighten me.

**Please know that I am very aware that we are all unique individuals. Much more than our personality style goes into how we react to the world at any given moment. There’s no way I could play this game without stereotyping, so know that this is just for fun, not for serious. If there is a kernel of truth in some of these, that will be a bonus. Mostly, I hope you allow this to get your mind going and write back with another reaction that your type might have.**

And here we go.

Me: Mr. or Ms. Personality Type, if you could use an Umbrella to protect yourself from any kind of weather, not just rain, when would you use it?



One: I’d use my umbrella to protect myself from acid rain and any other weather that results from our irresponsible behavior as a society.

Two: I’d put my umbrella up over my friends whenever they look like they have a black cloud hanging over their heads.

Three: I’m going to go ahead and use it to protect myself from rain that might ruin my hair or outfit.

Four: I’m a little different than everyone else, I guess, because I’d use it to protect myself from the run-of-the-mill, mild, sunny days. I love Mother Nature’s dramatic effects.

Five: I can’t think of any weather I need to protect myself from. I find the weather full of interesting phenomena.

Six:   I’d love to put up my umbrella every time there’s a Watch or Warning or Advisory.

Seven: I want to put an umbrella up anytime someone or something rains on my parade.

Eight: I don’t need an umbrella for protection, but if you’re asking what weather I hate, I’d say drizzle. Either rain or don’t rain. None of that drizzle crap.

Nine: I’m fine with any kind of weather.

3 thoughts on “U is for Uh-oh and Umbrellas (Enneagram Game)

  1. Rock Hudson makes me think of Doris Day and fun movies, they did so many together and always looked in love. He was quite a good actor since only later did the world learn he was gay.


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