head shot 2009


  • University of California, Santa Cruz where, in 1992, I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology
  •  Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.  That was 1996.
  • In 2000, after leaving Denver Public Schools where I worked as a school social worker, and with my 4-month old son in arms, I was trained as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and went on to get advanced training to work with parents of preterm babies and babies with special needs
  • In October of 2002, with my 10-week old daughter in arms, I received my training and certification in The Assessment and Treatment of Prenatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders through Postpartum Support International.
  • In December, 2003, I received my training and certification to use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) a leading treatment for trauma recovery and a technique I felt I needed to be a truly effective therapist.
  • Since 2003, I have been building up my training and education with the Enneagram, training with Russ Hudson from Enneagram Institute and a variety of teachers within the Narrative Tradition of the Enneagram.


I’ve conducted trainings and presentations on topics related to pregnancy and postpartum. 

Here are some of the agencies and groups I’ve spoken to:

  • Adoption Alliance
  • Chinese Children’s Adoption International
  • Colorado Doulas Association Annual Conference
  • Colorado Midwives Association Annual Conference
  • Colorado State Department of Health Prenatal Plus Program
  • Early Intervention Conference
  • Home Birth Midwives Annual Conference
  • La Leche League
  • Local Mom’s groups
  • Lutheran Family Services
  • Lutheran Hospital Pediatricians
  • Metro Community Provider Network, Healthy Start Project
  • Midwives Association of North America Annual Conference
  • Postpartum Support International Annual Conference
  • Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Symposium
  • The Children’s Hospital for the Therapeutic Care Team
  • The Kempe Center, postpartum depression support group


I’ve also had the honor of sharing  information and my experiences on important topics for several different media outlets including:


If you or your group would be interested in a training or presentation on topics related to maternal mental health or the Enneagram, please contact me.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Gosh, this A-Z challenge is so much fun. I’m finding all sorts of people I can relate to! I’ve used the enneagram myself for years. I have not done my kids however…


      • Age 32 and age 20… but the 20 year old could care less, and the 32 year old and I are having communication difficulties! lol I’m remembering I’m a 4 and I’m guessing he’s much more social as well as ‘judgemental’ oh, excuse me I mean … ok, I did mean judgemental… 😉 .


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