Y is for Yearnings

Oh, to be loved, significant, secure, and in control. What we wouldn’t give to be competent, to have peace of mind, to be good, valuable and fulfilled.   These are the desires of our hearts (I only call them yearnings to have something for ‘Y’, but they are commonly known as desires.  I’m cheating.) Some […]

X is for Xeno-

I was working so hard to make Xylophone relate to the Enneagram in some way, but I couldn’t t do it so I grabbed the dictionary and found Xeno-. Xeno-: Strange; foreign; different I.e.: xenophobia: a fear of strangers. As humans, we have big issues with xeno-things. Some of us, because of our personalities, are […]

V is for Virtues

Virtues are the antidote for Passions. If passions are us at our worst, Virtues are us at our best. But I want to caution those of you who read with an eye out for ‘how-to’s’. Passions and virtues do not imply how to do anything. There aren’t any downloadable instructions at the end of this […]

R is for Red Flags

    When we react to the world in the same, fear-based, ego-driven ways, over and over and over again, the same things tend to happen. We go in and out of feeling mad, ashamed, anxious, lonely, hurt, victimized, powerless, controlling, distant, arrogant or self-righteous. Eww. However, quitting our reactions so we can feel better, […]

Q is for Questions

  If someone said to me:  Let’s say you are stranded on a deserted island and can only take one tool for your emotional and mental well-being, what would you take? I would say, You mean in addition to the one food, the one book and the one person I’ve already been asked to pick? […]