D is for Distance or Disidentification

This one’s a bit abstract so hang in there with me because it is one of the most important tools for increasing your freedom from your personality’s knee-jerk reactions and limited perspectives.   Here’s how it works. When we are identified with our personality structure, we see the world in a prescribed way.  We have […]

C is for Centers

Centers of Intelligence, that is. Scientists have discovered neurons (brain cells) in our digestive track and in our hearts.  Neurons transmit information, which means they know stuff or they wouldn’t have information to transmit.  In other words, we have smart cells in our guts and hearts as well as our brains.   That means we […]

A to Z Theme Reveal

There’s this challenge going on in the blogosphere where people will post a topic every day that corresponds to the letters of the alphabet.  All April long, except Sundays. In honor of my new blog/website about the Enneagram and kids and parenting, I’m taking on this challenge. At the beginning of every endeavor with me, […]