Life After Baby

Depression here.Having a new baby will top the charts as one of the most life-changing experiences we will ever have.   Changes that size bring with them an array of emotional reactions, no matter how much we welcome the change.
  • When new motherhood brings with it any degree of depression or anxiety, that experience can be very distressing.
  • Women who are accustomed to feeling capable in their lives may be stunned by their fears and self-doubt.
  • New mothers may feel disconnected from their baby or an unrelenting irritability that doesn’t have an obvious cause.
  • Women may feel lonely as they spend their days taking care of this new baby, no matter how much they adore their baby
  • Or they may fear having to separate from their baby soon to return to work.

If I could say one thing for all new mothers to hear, it would be this:

Postpartum depression and anxiety are very treatable.

And every woman and her baby deserve to recover.


I’ve been working with women who struggle with a range of postpartum mood disorders for many years. Together, we uncover the underlying causes and work with a variety of techniques to start the process of healing.


If you would like to talk more about postpartum depression for yourself or a loved one or if you would like to set up an appointment, please contact me as soon as you would like.

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