Life Before Baby

Every pregnancy is different, as they say.

During pregnancy, some women report feeling excited, blissed out, maternal, connected to the baby, closer to her partner (maybe more than ever), healthy, strong, awe-filled.

But not everyone feels that way.


Many women talk about feeling scared, resentful, burdened, anxious, not ready, not confident, disconnected or depressed.

Some women have experienced sexual, physical and/or emotional abuse in their past.

Evidence points to the strength and peace that can come from healing old trauma that might otherwise block women from experiencing the birth and postpartum they hope for.


When I work with pregnant women, we try to:

  • Stabilize moods

  • Clear out old ideas, feelings and beliefs that stand in the way of feeling more positive about the pregnancy or the new baby

  • Identify risk factors for postpartum depression and create plans that will support a healthy postpartum time with their new baby.

If you would like to talk more about prenatal counseling or if you would like to set up an appointment, please contact me as soon as you would like to.

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