Find Yourself In the Enneagram–Intensive Introduction


With compassion and curiosity, come learn about all nine personality types and begin a journey of self-discovery through the power and wisdom of the Enneagram.  Listening to someone describe the types can feel like someone is telling your story, like they understand you on a very direct and deep level.  Learning about the Enneagram can open a door for you into realizations and new direction.

It’s like getting a bird’s eye view of our selves which gives us greater insight, clarity and paths to more freedom and peace.

The Enneagram is NOT about putting ourselves in a box. Nor is it an entertaining game to play with friends (though it can be a lot of that too!) It’s about recognizing the inherent gifts we bring to the world and to ourselves. It’s about learning to recognize patterns and habits we’ve been unconsciously relying on that no longer serve us.  And it’s about learning how to align our reactions to life with our True Self.

It’s about

Integrity, Love, Authenticity, Meaning, Wisdom, Security, Joy, Strength, Peace

Join me on Tuesdays, January 5th and 12th from 6:30pm-8:30pm

for a 4 hour introduction to the types at Montview Presbyterian Church in Park Hill.



Cost for the 4-hour class is $40/person or $50/couple

If you have any questions, you can contact me here.


To register, click here!

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