Parenting With the Enneagram: Nine Human Energies and How They Live in Children


This four-week class uses the wisdom of the Enneagram to help parents:

~~Connect authentically with their children

~~Experience freedom from habitual parenting responses

~~Understand the way their children see the world and what motivates them

~~Communicate in ways that kids can hear that they are loved and appreciated for who they truly are

~~Create space for kids to thrive in that knowing that who they are is okay

~~Gain fresh resources to offer children in stressful times

Here’s what you’ll learn in this class:

  • Why it’s important to allow children to discover and claim their own personality type
  • How the journey of human development unfolds and how the Enneagram fits into that process
  • Detailed descriptions of how each of the Nine personality energies can show up in children
  • Developmental stages, gender, birth order and  and other childhood experiences that can mimic the different personality types
  • Parenting magic for working with each personality energy in toddler/preschool age, school age and teenage children
  • Action guides to take home with lots of concrete recommendations, exercises, and practices to integrate into everyday life.
  • About the head, heart and body centers of intelligence
  • How to help children work with anxiety, shame, sadness and anger.
  • How to help children strengthen their under-utilized center of intelligence


When:  Fridays April 21, 28, May 5, 12 from 6:00pm-9:00pm

Where:  People House  3035 W. 25th Ave, Denver

How much:  $100 before March 15th/$120 after March 15 (couples are $125/$145)

To register or if you have any questions, contact me here.


You know how sometimes you look and look for something… until you finally get so frustrated you decide to make it yourself? Back in 2003, when I first came across the Enneagram, I immediately wondered how this fascinating information could help children.  When my children were little, I dreamed of finding a way to help them bypass the seemingly inevitable process of developing an ego, complete with habits and patterns that would stand in their way of feeling free in their lives. I couldn’t find anything about parenting or children and the Enneagram, so I experimented on them, using what I knew about child development and the Enneagram.

I discovered two things:

1. They were bound and determined to develop an ego just like every other human being that’s ever been. No matter how hard I tried to send them messages that they were loved and safe, they both began morphing into typical human beings with fears, blind spots and mis-perceptions as well as unique gifts and creative ways of seeing themselves and their world.

2. In light of all that, I could use what I knew about the Enneagram to help them:

  • stay connected to their minds, hearts and bodies.
  • see that they had patterns of thinking and feeling that weren’t helping them in certain situations.
  • breathe through tough moments long enough to reconnect with what is true and real in the world.

As a result, I saw more of their gifts, more of their creative ways of perceiving the world and the connection between us felt stronger. I began to make suggestions to the clients I work with when they came to me with parenting challenges. We’d talk about viewing their children through the lens of the Enneagram and they would report having similar experiences of seeing a new level of resilience in their children and feeling a greater sense of understanding and compassion within themselves.

After all that, you might imagine that I’m very excited to be bringing this wisdom to groups of people now, sharing ways I have worked with my own children, ways clients have worked with their children and ways you might be able to work with yours.

Using the lens of the Enneagram helps us speak to our children about their world in words that ring true for them, and it’s different for each child.  It helps us zero in on what is really bothering them rather than assuming what would bother me must be what’s bothering them.

My hope is that this class helps you to see your children more clearly and to be able to share with them some tools they can use to return to who they really are over and over again.

Here’s the link again to register: contact me here.

Please feel free to send this link to friends and bring your partners so you can create a community of support around you that all shares the language of the Enneagram!

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